Dragonfly shares the author’s real-life experiences of loss, grief and connection to spirit, weaving them around her fulfilling work as a counsellor. She describes encounters with clients and some of the life lessons she has learned from doing this work, showing the synchronicities that exist between us all and the spiritual signs we are given if we just take the time to notice. The understanding that a barely visible spider’s web connects us to each other in a way that is both magnificent and delicate.

Dragonfly is a book about hope and faith.




 Amazon Goodreads review by BooksCoffee (extract)

 Central to the narrative is Carruthers’ profound belief in the intricate interconnectedness of existence, where every soul is delicately intertwined. With insightful skill, she reveals the synchronicities that bind individuals, urging readers to heed the whispers of the universe and embrace the beauty of spiritual connection.

The book underscores the importance of nurturing this connection, especially in the face of life’s trials, emphasizing how it unveils the subtle guidance and interconnectedness that shape one’s journey. Through her invitation to savor moments of connection, Carruthers infuses her work with a sense of depth and meaning that resonates deeply with her audience.

A stirring and touching narrative that provides solace while encouraging readers to treasure moments of connection and the interconnectedness of life.


 Review of Dragonfly - reviewer Veronica Hunter - OnlineBookClub.org (extract)

I rate the book 5 out of 5 stars because of the emotions it invoked in me and also because of its impactful message. By sharing her story with honesty, Shirlae inspires readers to embrace life's challenges, find strength in adversity, and cultivate deeper connections with themselves and others. I recommend the book to readers who enjoy personal narratives intertwined with themes of self-discovery, resilience, and spiritual connection. Additionally, individuals interested in counseling or therapeutic practices may find the book insightful due to its exploration of the counseling journey.

Review of Dragonfly - reviewer Alex Lynn - OnlineBookClub.org

The connection to nature, particularly the author's experiences with birds like magpies, adds a unique and compelling dimension to the storytelling. The exploration of Carruthers' path into counseling and the valuable lessons shared about empathy, healing, and self-care offers readers an enriching perspective on the complexities of human emotions and the therapeutic process.